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The Facts

Most bear confrontations are avoidable. To completely avoid confrontation would require keeping out of bear country altogether. As industry continues to impact animal habitat, government controls will intervene and impose sanctions on wilderness work projects. There is a need for industry to be proactive.

Black Bears quickly become accustomed to human activity which can lead to more aggressive food gathering habits and potential conflict. Bears can and must be conditioned to fear humans.

Black Bear sows can be very aggresive in attacking anything she percieves as a threat to her cubs. Working anywhere near a sow with cubs is a dangerous situation.

There are approximately 40,000 Black Bears in Alberta of which the majority reside in the forested regions of the province. This is where the majority of oilfield and forestry work is underway and ever expanding. More people and projects in these areas will lead to further bear confrontation.


What the Expert's Say

"There is a definite upward trend in bear inflicted injuries. It really started taking off in the 1980's."
Steven Herrero BA PhD. Psych-Zoo, Professor of Environmental Science

"Bear Attacks are taking place where they haven't before. There's a Higher level of fatalities, and there are more deadly attacks by black bears"
Gary Shelton, Well known Author and bear expert from B.C.

"There's going to be a slow steady increase of predatory black bear attacks that will catch bear mangers off guard."
Gary Shelton, Well known Author and bear expert from B.C.

"Bear conflict is increasing all over."
Gary Shelton, Well known Author and bear expert from B.C.