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Siteguard's mandate is to keep your remote workforce safe from potentially dangerous wildlife by implementing a non-lethal control method to educate problem bears or other wildlife in and around your work site. This method is referred to as "Negative Conditioning" where the use of deterrents such as air horns, cracker shells, sprays, Flares, and electric fences are used for areas where bear encounters may occur. This method does not harm the bear physically. Psychologically however, it will reinforce a bear's respect for humans and condition the to avoid conflict situations.

Each job site presents varying degrees of risk and challenges due to variance in terrain, weather, work hours, human exposure and bear densities. Siteguard personnel will arrive on your job site equipped to do their job! Please call for a custom plan and rate. Aside from Alberta Safety Council Bear Awareness Certified staff, our daily rates also include the following equipment.

  • Vehicles - 1/2, 3/4, and 1 Ton 4x4 trucks
  • Trailers - Utility or Mobile Bear Scare Units
  • ATV's - Argo (tracked), Polaris 6x6, 4x4 Quads (terrain will dictate ATV requirements)
  • Deterrents - Cracker Shells, Bangers, Screamers, Flares, Thunder Flash, Air Horn, Bear Spray, Electric Fencing
  • Optics - Binoculars, Spotting Scopes
  • Surveillance - Digital Trail Cameras, Video Surveillance Systems
  • Communications - 2 Way Radios, Cell Phones, MIKE Phones
  • Firearms - (Siteguard Personnel Only) 12 gauge Shotguns, Scoped Belted Magnum Rifles
  • Satellite Bear Tubs - Containing Deterrents and Radios
  • Technology - Google Earth site Maps, GPS
  • Fire Safety - Extinguishers and Fire Retardant Clothing

Be proactive! Call to book Siteguard now. We will be there to create and maintain a problem wildlife free work site for your project this year. Don't forget to ask about our other work site related services.